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Center for Modern Chinese City Studies of East China Normal University was founded in March 2003, authorized as the Key Research Institute of humanities and social sciences by the Ministry of Education of China in November 2004. In 2016, the center has been selected as source tank of China Think Tank Index (CTTI). Economic geographer, professor Gang ZENG is the Center's Director.


East China Normal University has a long history and glorious tradition of urban studies. Professor Zhongmin YAN pioneered the study of urban geography in China. Professor Duo WU is a famous sociologist in China and one of the founders of Reconstruction Sociology in Shanghai.


The center carries out research on urban geography, urban sociology and so on, based on National Key Disciplines of human geography in East China Normal University, and other main disciplines such as sociology, economic. At present, there are four research laboratories including urban geography and urban planning, urban sociology and urban & rural population, urban economy and history, urban management and community. Center members undertake important research projects: major and key projects funded by National Social Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation of China, key research programs of Ministry of Education and foreign organizations, and have achieved important results.