Full-time researchers:Ding Jinhong Wen Jun Wu Ruijun 

Part-time researchers: Gao Xiangdong Gui Shixun Zhang Wenming Huang Chengxi Zhao Yeqin 

Ding Jinhong
Date/place of birth :8 November, 1963/Jiangsu, China
Professor, Population Research Institute,East China Normal University (ECNU).
Address: Department of Human Geography, School of Resources and Environment Science, East China Normal University, 3663 North-Zhongshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China.
Post Code: 200062
Tel: +86-21-62232973
Wen Jun
Title of technical post: Professor
Degree:Ph.D. in Sociology,Nanjing University, China
Institution: Department of Sociology, East China Normal University
Position: Head, Institute of Sociology, ECNU
Major research fields: Sociological Theory, Urban Studies, Social work
Address: 500 Dong Chuan Road , Shanghai 200241, P.R.China Department of Sociology, East China Normal University
Tel & Fax: +86-21-54345171
Wu Ruijun
Gao Xiangdong
Gui Shixun
Prof. Gui Shixun was born in Jan 1940 in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. He was graduated from Department of Politics and Education, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China in 1962. He was Assistant Professor, then Lecture in Department of Politics and Education in 1962-1981. He was Deputy Director of Population Research Laboratory, Deputy Director of Population Research Institute and Chairman of Research Panel Committee of Population Research Institute in 1981-1997. He was directly promoted from Lecture to Professor in 1986. He was Dean of International Business School in 1993-1997. He was Director of Population Research Institute in 1998-2001. Now he is Tenured Professor and Supervisor for PhD students in East China Normal University. He is adjunct with more than 10 social duties, such as member of Demographic Planning Team (Education Accreditation Team) of National Philosophy Social Sciences Research, member of the Advisory Expert Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council P.R.China, Executive Director of China Social Insurance Association, member of Research Panel Committee of Population and Development Studies Center, Renmin University of China, and member of Research Panel Committee of China Disability Institute at Renmin University of China. He studies on population and social development, population ageing and social security, and international migration and policy on overseas Chinese affairs. He has published more than 17 books and over 170 journals, such as Cargiving for the Old One-Child Parents: Comparative Study of Ageing in Shanghai and Tokyo (chief editor) and Comparative Study of Social Policy in Shanghai and Hong Kong (first chief editor). In the projects he conducted by himself or as principal, 1 project won 1st Prize, 6 projects for 2nd Prize and 4 projects for 3rd Prize of Province (Ministry) Excellent Awards. He was authorized by Ministry of Personnel of P. R. China with national young experts with outstanding contributions in 1986. And he was Science Prize winner of China Population Award in 2005.
Zhang Wenming
Huang Chengxi
Mr. HUANG, Chenxi, born in October 1971 in Pujiang County of Zhejiang Province, the P.R. China, now is an associate professor of Population Research Institute in East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai. He got his master degree of Human Geography in 1996 in Population Research Institute of ECNU, and Ph.D. degree in 2003 in Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. Now his research interests include social assistance in urban China, social policy about rural migrants, China’s social welfare etc.
Dr. Huang published his first book Social Policy in 2008, after he had translated three English textbooks on social welfare and social work in Chinese, by himself or together with others. So far he has published about twenty Chinese journal articles, e.g. Job-seeking behaviors of clients of MLSGS-UR and related institutional arrangements in Shanghai, Sociological Study, 2007, Issue 1 (in Chinese); A study on macro control policy of rural migration, Journal of East China Normal University, 2007, Issue 1 (in Chinese). He has also won several honorable prizes for his publications.
Zhao Yeqin