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Ning Yuemin
Date and Place of Birth:July 19, 1954,Shanghai,The People’s Republic of China.
Professor, The Centre for Modern Chinese Cities Studies,East China Normal University (ECNU).
Address: The Centre for Modern Chinese Cities Studies,ECNU
Shanghai, P.R.China
Post Code: 200062
Tel: +86-21-62223074
Advanced Education:
1979-1982 M.S.(HumanGeography), Department of Geography, ECNU, Shanhai
1975-1978 Geography, Department of Geography, ECNU, Shanghai
Professional Experiences:
1985-1992 Lecturer at Institute of Geography of West Europe and North America.ECNU.
1992-1996 Assotiate Professor at Institute of Geography of West Europe and North America. ECNU
1996-1998 Professor of Institute of Geography of West Europe and North America. ECNU
1998-2003 Director and Professor of Institute of Geography of West Europe and North America. ECNU
2003-present Director and Professor at The Centre for Modern Chinese Cities Studies, ECNU
Visiting Professorships:
2006.5 Visiting Proffessor, University Paris1-Panthéon-Sorbonne
1987-1988 Visiting Scholar, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London
Major Research Grants:
1.Globalization and the Evolution of Spatial Organization of the Yangtze Delta Metropolitan Region(2007-2009).China National Nature Science Foundation.
2.From Spatial Division of Labor to the Spatial Organization of the Metropolitan Areas(2005-2007).The research program of Key Research Institute of Ministry of Education .
3.The Spatial Organization of China’s Metropolitan Areas (2001-2004),China National Nature Science Foundation.
4.The Optimizing of Human Settlement Environment of Metropolitan Areas in China (1997-2000). China National Nature Science Foundation.
Main Publications:
Ning Yuemin, (2008). Construction of Urban Geography with China’s Characteristics — Commentary on the Research Progress of China’s Urban Geography (in Chinese).Human Geography.Vol.23, No.2,pp1-5.
Li Jian, Ning Yuemin, Wang Mingfeng (2008). Study on Global Production Networks of Computer Industry --- and Its development in Mainland China (in Chinese). Acta Geographica Sinica. Vol.63,No.4,pp 437-448.
Li Jian, Ning Yuemin (2007). Population Change and Urban Spatial Restructuring in Shanghai since the 1990s (in Chinese). Urban Planning Forum, No.2, pp20-24.
Ning Yuemin (2006).The Development of CBD in Shanghai and Its Future, Planning and Development (in Chinese) (Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners), Vol.21, No.1, pp3-9.
Ning Yuemin (2006).Redesign of the Spatial Structure for the Metropolis of Shanghai (in Chinese). City Planning Review, S1. pp44-46.
Li Jian, Ning Yuemin (2006).The Process and Dynamics of Urbanization in the Yangtze Delta Region (in Chinese). Urban Planning Forum, No.3, pp16-21.
Ning Yuemin (2004). An Approach to FDI’s Impact on Economic Development of Shanghai (in Chinese). Economic Geography, No.4,pp313-317.
Wang Mingfeng, Ning yuemin (2004). The Internet and the Rise of Information Network Cities in China (in Chinese). Acta Geographica Sinica. Vol.59,No.5,pp446-454.
Xie Shouhong, Ning Yuemin (2003).Urbanization and Suburbanization: the Dual engines to Spatial Changes of Chinese Metropolitan Areas under Transitional Era --- A Case Study of Guangzhou (in Chinese), City Planning Review, No.11, pp24-29.
Ning Yuemin et al. (2002), Study on the Human Settlement Environment with Three Small Towns in the Shanghai Suburban Areas as the Case (in Chinese), City Planning Review, No.10, pp31-36.
Ning Yuemin (2001). Globalization and the sustainable development of Shanghai, in Fu-chen Lo and Peter J. Marcotullio (ed), Globalization and the Sustainability of Cities in the Asia Pacific Region. Tokyo, United Nations University Press.
Ning Yuemin & Zha Zhiqiang (2001), Evaluation and optimization for human settlement in metropolitan areas: a case study of Shanghai, in United Nations Centre for Regional development (UNCRD) (edt.), Local Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection in China. Nagoya.
Ning Yuemin (2000). The Study on the Location of the Producer Services and the Office Buildings in Shanghai (in Chinese), City Planning Review, No.8, pp9-12.
Ning Yuemin (1998). New Process of Urbanization-Dynamics and Featyres of
Sun Bindong
Bindong Sun, who was born in Heilongjiang Province in December 1970, is an associate professor in East China Normal University and registered urban planner in China, mainly studying urban planning, urban geography, urban transportation policy and regional economics. He is member and the Secretary-General of the Urban Geography Subject Commission of Chinese Geographical Association. He was granted the Bachelor Degree and the Master Degree by Tongji University respectively in 1993 in 1996, and received the Doctor Degree from Technical University of Berlin in 2004. Dr. Sun was senior economist of the Economic Institute of Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission from 1997 to 2005 and engaged in more than 20 policy consultation studies, one of them is Shanghai Urban Transportation Policy. Since 2005 he is associate professor in East China Normal University and charged with quite a few research projects including Study on the Urban Spatial Structure and Urban Transportation in Shanghai (a two-year project funded by Shanghai Pujiang Program). He is working on a three-year project funded by Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, namely Innovation of Urban Planning for the Improvement of Human Environment Settlements in Shanghai. Dr. Sun has published three books,Institutionen und regionales Wirtschaftswachstum: am Beispiel Shanghai (in German by Technical University of Berlin Press 2004), Institutional Change and Regional Economic Growth (by Science Press 2007) , Cultural Strategy in Urban Planning (the second author, by Tongji University Press 2006). He has published more than 40 papers, mainly on urban spatial structure, urban transportation policy, Jobs-Housing Balance, etc.
Yehua Dennis Wei
Position and Institution: Professor, Institute of Public and International Affairs and Department of Geography, University of Utah.
Address: Department of Geography University of Utah 260 S. Central Campus Dr. Rm. 270 , Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9155
Telephone (Office): 801-585-0545
Telephone (Geog Dept): 801-581-8218
Fax: 801-581-8219
Zeng Gang
Dr. Zeng Gang (1961-) is professor of economic geography, dean of School of Resources and Environment Science at East China Normal University (Shanghai, China) and Vice-Chairman of the Commission of Economic Geography at Geographical Society of China. He graduated from Geography Department of Hubei University (Wuhan, China) in 1982, got his Ph.D. degree at Justus Liebig-University Giessen (Germany) in 1992. From 1988 to 1996, Dr. Zeng spent his overseas study and work in Germany. He has formed a long-term intensive academic cooperation with Prof. Dr. Harald Bathelt of Toronto University (Canada) and Prof. Dr. Ingo Liefner of Justus Liebig University Giessen (Germany). His areas of interest are technology diffusion and hi-tech industry, regional development and planning, industrial clusters, enterprises network. He has undertaken more then 20 research projects from such as DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany), Volkswagen-Stiftung (Gernamy), National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Government and published over 80 academic papers.
Tu Qiyu
Position and Institution: Jointly appointed professor of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and East China Normal University and secretary general of urban and regional research centre.

Dr. Tu Qiyu is jointly appointed professor of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and East China Normal University and secretary general of urban and regional research centre, speicalising in International Economics and Urban Studies. Dr Tu is the recipient of 6 Shanghai Municipal Policy-making Advisory Awards or Social Science Research Awards. He has been appointed an international affair expert advisor to the Shanghai World Expo 2010 Working Bureau and an expert advisor to Shanghai Investment Consultant Company. He was formerly Fulbright Professor of Bard College, New York and visiting scholar at Cambridge University, Harvard University, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques and Hamburg Institute for Economic Research. Dr. Tu was conferred the titles of “Top Ten Young Economists of Shanghai” and “Outstanding Returning Talents from Overseas of Shanghai” in 2003.
Wang Mingfeng
Teng Tangwei
University Education:
    Oct 2009 Habilitation in Geography (Post-Doctoral Degree, with Prof. ZENG Gang), East China Normal University.
    Dec 2005 Ph.D. in Economics (Supervised by Prof. GAO Xincai), Lanzhou University.
    Jun     Jun 1999 Master's Degree in Economics, Lanzhou University.
    Jun 1995 Bachelor Degree in Economics, Lanzhou University.
Academic Positions:
    Nov 2009 Associate Professor, East China Normal University.
    May 2007 Associate Professor in Economics, Lanzhou University.
    May 2002 Lecturer in Economics, Lanzhou University.
  Oct 2000 Visiting scholar of EU-China High Education Cooperation Program, Durham University, UK.
Research Focus:
    Innovation and cluster development; Ecological development and regional model, Industrial restructuring and governance systems
Gu Renxu
Ji Zengmin
Yin Desheng
Kong Xiang
Jiang Yunfang